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Plot plan scheme

Resolved to start writing characters for house_fiona soon. And the first part will be called 'Chrysalis'. And I've got a draft for a blurb, which will be posted in the next few days, if I remember.

I am also developing ideas for my survival horror game. I'm thinking that I'll do the module differently to my previous games - less GM-centric writing. I think that there will be some background, a running sheet, a list of 'rooms' and what's in them, while the rest of the module will be player hand-outs. Maps, transmissions from HQ, diaries, memories, hallucinations, the works. And character sheets, of course, but probably with less text than I normally give.

More of an experimental, art-house feel.

I think I need to keep trying new things with games, so I don't get bored with them...

Oh, and work still sucks, but what can you do.
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