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End of an Era

Saturday was a big day for me. We had the second annual VRN competition (for which I didn't win anything, again, thanks to being paired up with the least talented student for kata, again), followed by the ANF and VNR AGMs, then lastly (but not leastly) Kuan's naginata going away party. He has been training with me for a long time, and at least I feel we have become quite close on a spiritual/budo level - in may ways, he is my perfect off-sider for kata or even shiai (he is much better than me when we spar, but I am still quick enough to at least dodge his cuts).

He is going away to Japan for a few years to teach english and to be with his girlfriend. I feel saddened by his going away, even if he will eventually come back (or so he says), because I know I will miss him. There will be a vacuum at my right side when we bow in at the start of class; there will be no-one who I can just exchange looks with to correct eachother's form.

When he returns, as I'm sure he will, he will undoubtably be graded higher than me. Only recently did he obtain first kyu, and even though I've had it for years (two, by my calculation), I have no doubt that he will shortly recieve sho-dan. It seems that everyone changes, grows and excels, except for me.

In other news, I am writing an in-chatacter diary for my character in Scott's upcoming 7th Sea game. Just to scare him with my enthusiasm.
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