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Did I not mention that I ate 3/4 of a baked cheesecake by myself over the weekend? So much for my pitiful attempts of losing weight. Honestly, I'd just buy more clothes, but I don't have the money - it's cheaper just to eat less. Or try to.

I am continueing to get fed up and stressed at work, more-so now, I think, as I have multiple things running at once. Stupid PhD stuff, many boring and tedious experiments, but still with sooooooooooo much more work to do.

I have also come to the conclusion that erotica may not be ideal bed-time reading material.

Also, for those who have a little more knowledge of things vetinary than myself - how easy is it to do cat blood transfusions? What is the blood-typing like? I know that they have donor dogs in some vet hospitals, but how close do cats need to be related? Is it just breed? And is the first transfusion (if not an exact match) okay, similar to the Rh +/- system in humans?

Enquiring minds, desperate to help, want to know.
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