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Went out last night with James, Kuan, Mel, Jye and Greg, and had an ace time. Spent a great deal of time drinking beer with James, Kuan and Mel. Because we are beer drinkers, apparently. (Even though I only really like dry european beers). I had much fun.

Most of today was shit, though, and I got so pissed off and frustrated I almost walked up to the postgradutate secretary woman and told her to un-enrole me from this hellish place. But things are a little better now, and I have finalised when I will be taking some very much needed time off. Time off or I'll die, and we don't want that.

I'm seeing Scott, Alex, Lon and Jye tonight (well, I see Jye virtually every night, but you know what I mean) for dinner, dumplings, and talking 7th Sea. Tomorrow night I'm going out with Kuan, James and some guy called Fuji to a German beer bar thingie (because I need more beer, apparently).

I may become an alcoholic by the end of my degree. If I stay in it, that is.

And everyone, don't forget to give your love and support to niki_chan and Nougat.
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