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The blessed curse that is the plastic money...

I have bought way too many DVDs recently for the safety of my bank balance. On the bright side, this means that I now have a copy of "Dangerous Liasons" (yay!) and "Brotherhood of the Wolf" (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!), the latter of which I had the reaction of "OH MY GOD!" to, in a very loud voice, causing people to turn and stare as I cradled it to my bosom.

Speaking of bosoms, I was feeling evry unwell last night (its the vapours, don't you know... dropsy... the gout...), so I slept in a bit this morning before swaning about and watching John Malkavich and Glen Close be devious and sexy and eloquent all at once. I love that film soooooooooooo much. Anyway, back to the bosoms. I was in such a good mood after my shitty day yesterday that I took great care in my appreance today. My dark green top with the low, square cut neck line, powdered skin (and bosom), and just the right amount and mix of fragrances. I feel quite elegant, in a dressed down way, though I regret not putting on a choker to finish the effect off.

In any case, my word for the day, in case you missed it, is bosom.

Now, all I need is some handsome young men to duel over me with words that cut sharper than any blade could. And a silk fan.
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