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Last night was pretty fun, what with going to a German resturant and all. James was something like 90 mins late, but we forgive him because he's ace. Met his freind Tone, who seemed like a nice guy. Saw Kuan for the last time in a long time, which was sad but good in a strange way, and we had some shnapps. Not a lot, but some.

Today I proved my monumental stupidity by locking myself out of the house. Jye was reluctant to come and meet me to give me his keys during lunch, but instead the ever faithful Ben L came to my rescue! He dashed home and met me at uni to give me the spare set we've loaned him.

Wandering around uni made me really feel like a post-grad, which doesn't normally happen. It also confirmed my suspicions that most students at uni are like characters in a compter RPG - while very few of them are precisely the same, they all seem to be taking from the same pool of body type, character model, face, hair and clothes pool, so they really they are just different combinations of the same thing. Odd.

And in other news, Jye told me that out ADSL is up and that he is planning on shopping for a router today, so that by tonight I should have internet acsess from home. Yay for surfing for porn!

But in a turn for the worse, and in a clear demonstration of how idiotic melbourne Uni can be, I was informed that as of today there will be no after hours security in my building. Which meas that every door (internal and external) will be locked from 6.30pm - 6.30 am and on weekends. WHile staff were told this weeks ago (and were able to apply for keys), the students - the people who actually work after hours - were not. So there is a mild uproar at the moment. We'll see how things pan out.
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