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Ooooooooo dear. Perhaps not the best drink to prepare as a punch/party drink for all to share, even if we didn't make it as strong as the recipe called for. Needless to say, I'm a might bit hung over (but the nibbling on potato chips, the sipping of coffee and the drinking of weak ribena is definately helping things).

That being said, niki_chan's party was ace. I played hostess for a while, cooking and serving and such, while she swanned about and enjoyed herself, which ws good. But seeing as how it's been so very long since I've been to a party, everything was novel to me. It was nice, relaxed, and just a little on the classy side.

I also got to have converstations (heavens forbid!) with Cameron and Mel and the like, who I really need to see more of in the future. And Cameron said some very nice things, which I think I needed to hear.

Anyway, I've got a hang over to nurse...
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