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I just stumbled across one of those lj-communities for women who are "pro-anorexia". It saddens me that these women are being left to encourage eachother to slowly kill themselves through sheer force of will. Now I am going to go eat something fattening, in the vain hope it will keep some of them alive.

Here is a random quiz...

img src="" border="0" alt="HASH(0x8521150)">
Mother Sarawati is one goddess that you're like.
Saraswati means "The essence of the
self." This Goddess gives knowledge and
the wisom and strengh to become what you want
to reach. Many students or teachers may worship
this goddess in beleif to gain the power of
reaching their goal. You want to reach your
goal in life and you want the strengh to
accomplish a high level of standards to be
successful. So much like Saraswati, you may be
deeply into music or art and that means you are
most like her than the rest of the Goddess

What Hindu God or Goddess are you like?
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Legolas! Just like *every* pre-teenage girl, you
want a guy JUST LIKE Legolas. Real original.
Have fun with your pretty boy.

Which LOTR Boi Would You Marry?
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Oh look, I'm a fan girl. Who would have guessed.
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