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Beer and Pizza

Beer and pizza last night at tarleon's house with future_legend. Way too much food, a bit too much beer for my poor liver, and a whole lot of conversation. Things I probably wouldn't have said if I hadn't been plied with alcohol first, but nothing I regret saying either.

I had a whole bunch of profound thoughts, but they have all been lost to the ether.

But I had an ace time regardless.

I remembered one of my profound thoughts, though, on a currently contraversial topic. And before I forget it I'd just like to say that (for me, and in my opinion) the idea of multiple partners is fine, provided that the interaction is about the physicality. And provided that you're up-front and honest about the whole thing. It's when the emotional attachment begins to run much deeper than 'friends' that problems arise. Because there's nothing wrong with a bunch of pretty people writhing about all over eachother, provided that none of them are particularly attached to someone (be that someone in the writhing or not). In my opinion, anyway. I'm not trying to change anybody else's opinion, just stating mine.

As a side note, all my love and compassion to niki_chan, Tomasu and morgan303. They tried hard to the the best they could.
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