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Someone was hit by a car crossing Flemmington Rd on the way to the hospital at about 9.00 am today. It wasn't me, but it happened about 2 minutes before I got there. Just to let you know it wasn't me. I passed a scared young uni student afterwards; it had happened just infront of her. I stopped to see she was okay - she was, she told me, she had just had a fright.

Maybe I should stop crossing roads so irresponcibly.

More news - Kiri's sister had a baby girl yesterday, named Elly, so now nuwishas_tale is officially an uncle in law. So everybody phone him up and congratulate him on being an unckie. And Kiri for being an aunt. Yay.

In less exciting news (depending on how you look at it) I bought two leather bound journals with red gilt pages to write what the americans quaintly term 'romantica' in. You have been warned.

And for those of you how were interested, that community I was talking about is secret_grimoire. It's still under construction. And I know the name is poxy, but the first 15 or so names I tried were taken and I was getting desperate.

Feedback me!
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