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Stooooopid work on the weekends.

So here I am, right back in the lab on a Saturday. Probably be he tomorrow, too. One of the joys about working in a lab when no one else is around is working out rules to life that you may have forgotten, such as;

1) 70% ethanol evapourates at 50oC (or there abouts), therefor you shouldn't use it to wipe up spilt stuff on a heating block while it's nice and toasty

2) ethanol is more readily absorbed through the membranes lining the nasal passages than the lining of the stomach, therefore it will enter the bloodstream much faster when inhaled as a vapour

3) it is hard to notice that you are under the influence of inhaled alcohol fumes, because the familiar warm and toasty feeling in the stomach which normally accompanies alcohol com\nsumption is missing

4) working in a lab while mildly intoxicated is somewhat amusing, though probably a bad thing

... anyway, these rules are by no means related. I swear. I just got out of the lab for a coffee, not to give my liver a chance to do it's stuff...


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Aug. 15th, 2003 09:22 pm (UTC)
Ahh the joys
Here I thought you had been taught properly. If your going to get a hangover at least do enough damage to make it worthwhile! (See I leave you to your own devices for a few years and what happens?) by the way you have probably developed a cure to all viral contagions, just check the mold on your mouse teeth.... who knows. Alcohol... is there anything it cant do? :)

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