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A Fan-duck-stic Duck-tacular!

Last night I had duck.

Let me repeat that, incase you missed it the first time. Last night I had duck.

Not just any duck, but all the duck in the world. There were eight of us eating the duck - we had four peking ducks between us, plus duck soup and as an after thought, some duck bits on bones which we gnawed and sucked off like the savages we are. mousebane and I estimated that we each ate something around 500 - 600 grams of duck flesh, fat, skin and broth. jilavre was clever and did not have duck. More duck for the rest of us. I am still full from the duck.

Needless to say, the 'food-plan' went a little askew last night, but I mean to make up for it by eating very little today. Because quite frankly, I can't fit anything else in. It's strange to not be hungry after so much time.

I am back at work. I need to write a report. But the duck still weighs me down. The duck will have it's revenge, it seems.

In other news, I could really go for some crispy-skinned duck on rice with chinese brocolli...
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