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I am Jack's lack of enthusiasm

So today I took a whole day off work because I am "not well". By "not well" I mean I couldn't be assed doing my work today, so I just wrote the whole thing off. Go me. SO instead of doing the million and one productive things I could be doing around the house, I've been playing about with the NWN toolset thingie again.

I still maintain that if I ever got off my collosal ass and a) got a heafty does of enthusiasm and b) actually learned the art of 3D rendering, I could get a job doing level design for some big, rich company. Oh, sure, they'd probably fire me when the realised I wasn't talented, but a girl has to dream. Right?

Or maybe I'll just write RPGs for a living. Or something. Yeah, something creative.

FAiling that, any job I could just sit wrapped up in a blanket for. Mmmm - blanket.