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Someone else's problem

Every now and then you just want to turn around and say, "fuck off you fucking fucks! Work out *your* problems before you badmouth me about my work!" Stupid work. At least it helped prove my theory that I start hating my work when I start doing stuff I'm not trained in. I wonder what they would do if I just had an emotional break-down in the lab. If things just got to much and I snapped, curling up into a ball of frustration and bawling my eyes out, refusing to make any sense to anyone aside from cursing them to suffer from the fleas of a million camels infesting their armpits or what have you. I bet they would send me home for the day.

But *still* won't let me have my holiday time.

Fuck it. Fuck it all. Fuck them and the fucking horses they rode in on. But then I remember that I have not the enthusiasm required to get real work, and quite frankly the scholarship pays better than a government fork-out while I search for my new vocation. Stupid money. The work would be a much better place if we went to a system of, "well I don't need this - you can have it instead" or, "I cooked this thing because I like cooking - you can have it for lunch". Gah.

Maybe I should just become a hippy in a commune or something.


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Aug. 23rd, 2003 04:25 am (UTC)
Hippy Commune
Living in a Yurt, in the forest, growing vegetables... I reckon it's the way to go...

I'd like to move to tasmania or canada, buy a piece of forest, build my own yurt, and grow vegetables, teach, tutor, be a general fixit kind of guy, make my own dining table and try to live by a barter system as much as possible.

But then I'd like to be successful and powerful so I could make a difference in the world on a large scale, like really fix some of the big problems I see in the world.

It's frustrating, because they strike me as conflicting ideals, but in a way it's good, because it means that most of the things I do head towards one or the other, and on rare occasions both.

I'm all in favour of the commune idea... I think if I can't get the power to make a dent in the world at large, I'll just head off somewhere and be happy making a few people's lives easier, and producing what I can of worth to give to the community.

I reckon the Yurt and the vegetables, in the forest... that may well be the secret to happiness for me... :)
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