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10.30 Becka report

Gah. Where to begin.

I feel much better that Bunyip is better. But apaert from that... okay, I guess. Could be getting sick, but more liekly to be just plain run-down. Not resting/relaxing/sleeping will do that to you, so I shouldn't be surprised.

I've been doing lots of stuff with my hands in the lab lately - cleaning benches, moving fridges, constructing equipment and the like. I'm probably better at making stuff than I am at thinking. And I enjoy it more too. I'm very tactile - always have been. I think I should start thinking about getting a job that involved creating things, rather than never-ending experiments and such.

Stress has turned my shoulders into slabs of unmoving muscle tension. My theory is that the stress-knots are what is keeping my body going.

I want time off. If I get it, I will spend it writing erotica. Probably, anyway.

I have found a new variety of vanilla tea which is the nectar of the gods.
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