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teaching hospitals

Why I don't like working in a teaching hospital. First, dental students. They are really quite rude and arrogant, and have NOTHING worth backing up either of these with. I mean, their butchers when it comes to technique, and they know very little about anything else apart from their specific field, and yet they THINK they know everything there is to know about everything their field remotely touches. Morons.

Second, the fact that there are often screaming children in the hall ways being taken too and from dental surgery. Children, like animals, cannot be reasoned with when they are in pain and it is just heartbreaking.

Thirdly, people often suffer from random extra illnesses. "Code Blue" is often announced throughout the entire hospital, for various reasons ranging from blood noses in reception, epileptic fits in the toilets, and heart attacks in the wards. Most of the time this has absolutely nothing to do with me. This time however, which was not a code blue, seems to have affected everybody on at least two floors, probably more. I'm not exactly sure what has happened, but I think someone has been violently ill. Exorcist style. The smell has permiated under doors and is slowly creeping up the hallway towards the labs like some noxious, evil, invisible cloud. It has invaded two floors. I had to shift comupters to escape it, and I fear that it is only a matter of time before I must flee the building entirely.

I don't think I actually dislike the fact that it is a teaching hospital, I think I dislike the fact that I have to have anything to do with the patients here, be it to walk past them, to hear them, or to in this case smell them. They do not pay be enough for this.

In other news, for the first time in my life I am vaguely considering changing my diet to a vegitarian one. Maybe these mice have had a more profound effect on me than I had imagined. Although, to be fair, I get apprehensive of meat every time I do dissection work. I have to avoid eating certain types of meat to avoid revulsion. Of course, that whole vegitarian thing would probably be a really bad idea for me since I am prone to become iron deficient. I suppose I shouldn't give my body another excuse to get sick. I like meat, I just can't look at ground beef and still feel hungry right now. I guess that always leaves chicken. Or human. Mmmmmmm - human flesh...
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