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Many of you may have noticed (if you actually bother to check up on my lj, and I'm not just fooling myself into thinking that I'm even vaguely entertaining) I haven't been updating at my usual frantic pace. Yeah, well, uni sucks. I'm far too tired and far too overworked and busy to keep up with my usual note-taking on life the universe and everything. It seems that everywhere I turn, I have nothing but more commitments. Bah, I say. Bah.

That, and I haven't been sleeping. Am dreading going back to the Dr, who will no doubt tell me that I should go back on tranquilizers. Knowing my luck, he'll try to perscribe me Tamazapam again, with will just make my anxiety attacks worse. Yay me.

So, yeah, busy yet achieving nothing. Trying not to hate, but it's hard, and old habits are the worst to avoid. Just remember, most of you met me once I hit the 'nice' phase of my life when I started treating other people better and stopped breaking things.

And in other news, regarding the proposed changes to laws regarding swords (see, that was embolded to get the attention of people who normally skim over the tripe which is my life), both the Victorian Kendo Renmei and the Australian Kendo Renmei have submitted comments etc, as well as having organised meetings with the Minister for Sport. After all, according to the proposed changes, a wooden bokken could be classified as a controlled weapon.

I know why people are doing this, but they are doing it in a completely dumb-assed way without considering the people it affects the most. A fact which is oddly applicable to most other things in lives.

Oh, and as an aside, I've begun to resent people who get time off, holidays and weekends. Not resent them, actually, but resent their working conditions.
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