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Life in summary


Hah! That's funny.


Would you believe I'm having to present a poster at an international conference in Melbourne in about 2 weeks? So, yeah, I've been making a poster. Many hours using a crashy, buggy program. Bah.

Pirates of the Caribean


Saw it with Liz last night. We had a fantastic time! It's a great film, and you should all see it. See it! See it now!

Orlando Bloom is one of those pretty boys who is much prettier when he doesn't open his mouth. Sigh.

I have also joined the horde of salivating fan-folk who now want to either run or play in a pirate game. I'd run one at a con, but I think that every body would be doing that now...

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I bring this up because Liz and I are very keen to go see it when it comes out - and other folks (like you) an come see it with us! More details to follow.

Real Estate Agents

Bah to them, I say. I have a house instection today, and I hope we don't get in trouble. Especially considering that in the spave of about 5 weeks the garden has mysteriously died...
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