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sooo... sleepy...

I've been reading a lot of recently, not because I like it or find it funny, but because it's like a car crash that I cannot look away from. The posters in the comments sections also remind me of people I used to know, which is a bit... odd...

Any way, the fucking poster has been sent off to the printing folk, so it is now officially out of my hands. Speaking of scientific conferences, I have to go to a 'mixer' on Sunday to wide and dine with crazy nation and international oral health science folk. I wouldn't ordinarily do such a thing, but there is a scientist I want to meet who is going to be there. Apparently I am turning into a scientist groupie. Which is just plain sad.

Liz and I had a conversation a while back about going to our 10 year high school reunion in 2006. To rub our content-and-adjusted lives in the faces of all those twats and twonks who tried to tell us that we weren't good enough. And I'll look at them in their 'personal assistant' or 'real estate' jobs and say, "you know what? I actually don't give a damn about what you think of me". Tell *me* I'm disgusting, will you? Assholes.

What, that? Why yes, it IS a massive chip on my shoulder. How did you notice?
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