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I've finally decide that there is only one thing left for me to do in the constant battle against my cursed body. The time has come for me to persue a career as either Major Kusinagi or as Kotoko.

For the passed few weeks, when I walk up stairs by knee has been making a sound that causes stronger men than I to cringe and shudder. So I says to my self, "hmmm, that isn't good." I go to the doctor. I tell my story. He says, "that doesn't sound good". He wiggles about my knee-cap for a bit and furrorws his brow, as the nasty grinding sound fills his office.

He hands me a referal to get some X-rays done. On the bright side, I already have some X-rays done of the other knee for a comparison.

The other good thing is that I'm fairly young, with no prior major injury. So it's probably some tendons moving over bones or something.

On the down side, if it's not that... Well, I'm not well versed on joints and such (considering the stings I study are too small for such extravagances as limbs), but I've always been taught that bone scraping against bone in a joint like the knee is a bad thing.

So. Cybernetic replacement for me. All you biomechanic folk out there better get your stuff into gear and build me a new metal body. Get to it!
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