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And now for something completely NOT related to football

I'm feeling ponderous. I wondering if I should try my hands at NaNoWriMo again this year or not. It was nice to be able to do it, but I had a little more time and energy on my hands last year, so, I'm not sure if I can actually manage it. Can't hurt to try, I suppose. Of course, I'll need a hook before I begin. I do have some ideas, but they are more than a little silly (and not in that good way). We'll see I suppose.

The game I'm running at Arcon next year is called "Evolution", so keep an eye out for it. My grand goal is to have it not suck.

house_fiona has been sorely neglected of late. I really feel as though this is something I must do, to gain some sort of closure for myself, but again th problem is swiftly becoming a lack of time and inspiration. Where is my muse when I need him?

Kind of wierded out by the upcoming conefrence; it'll be in the archetecture building on campus at Melbourne Uni on monday to wednesday, with my stuff being up on tuesday, for anyone who is interested. Just be warned that the entry fee is a little steep. I'll be on campus on tuesday, though, and free from about 10am to 12pm, so futurelegend, tarleon, and any body else on campus around then, I wanna have coffee with you! Yay!
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