Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


Knee is not dire. No surgery makes me a happy chicken. Will need to see a physio to learn how to tape my knee to force my muscles (quadracepts, would you believe) to start working at normal strength again. "Patellal mal-tracking". Or, in other words, my knee cap isn't moving up an down properly, but slightly to the side. I like not having surgery.

Jye is on holidays. Curse him.

I've heard a rumour that X-men 2 is out on DVD today. I am hopeful. Besides, the lab is virtually empty so I should be able to sneak away early.

I'm threatening to come to the coference tomorrow in suit-and-tie, but I am afraid I might be mistaken as a waiter. Sigh. No one appreciates a woman in a three-piece suit any more. I was going to wear my power-dyke shoes and everything. :)

Pirates of the Carribean seems to be a very hard PC game with a crazy control system. I am dubious but will try to give it a chance.
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