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Strange days

I've had a good but odd day all in all. Went out for lunch with 'the girls', or Stacey, Roslind, Vivian, Amy and Michelle (we almost had Sarah and Alana as well), followed up by Lucky Cup. I think I'm beginning to find my niche here at last, which is quite nice indeed.

Last night though, I had a rather odd experience. A friend of mine rang me up at something like 11 because he was pissed as a newt and was too hyperactive to go to bed. Which was fine because he is a sweet and funny guy, and he talks interesting shit when drunk. There was this one thing, though, that is playing on my mind a bit. Just something that he said which I'm not sure if he really meant because he was drunk, even if he said that he meant it and it wasn't because he was drunk. And I'm not sure how much faith he was putting into what he said. It's all very complicated. Do I pretend nothing happened and continue on my way, or do I believe what he said, and change my actions accordingly? Or do I do some bizzare hybrid of both? Sigh. People, go figure. I phoned him up today to find him quite hung over, and seeming to be a little embarassed. I'm not sure if that is because of what he said, or if it is because he phoned me up to talk absolute shit to me while drunk...

But one thing is for sure, and that is that the less that I think about this, it is probably better.

And the Bunyip update is that she is doing very well, and her nose is almost fully healed (although she still has a few days of antibiotics left on her). I'm going to keep a close eye on her to ensure that they got all of the bad bits...
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