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Conference wrap up

So there was this crazy guy from New Zealand who was down for the IADR conference, presenting work he's done on an artificial mouth model and the growing of bacterial plaque samples which are a close mimic to the human mouth wah wah wah. He was wandering about the lab with one of my supervisors.

He can, apparently, grow Tannerella forsythia (formerly T. forsythensis, formerly Bacteroides forsythus) in the lab, and I havn't really been able to, which is a shit. BUT, he hasn't been able to grow Treponema denticola at all, apparently.

So I says, actually, I've had no problems growing it at all, in the standard ATCC suggested media (#1494) or this modified media which I helped develope (iNOS). In fact, mr Big Science Guy, here is the chemostat, currently growing T. denticola in continuous culture. Heh.

So, I'm going to send him my media recipe and instructions, and he's going to send me his media recipe and instructions, and we'll both be very happy scientists. So, yeah, I rock.

Go belated scientist network powers, go!

On the downside, he is a rather creepy man... But, what do you expect - he has a seven chambered artificial mouth in his lab. Euw.
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