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A memory of a friend (no dodgey stuff)

In the darkness and the brilliant lights, I cling to him. Music pounds in my ears, thrumming through my soul and moving my body in its sensual spell. Sweat and heat and noise. I run my fingers through his perspiration soaked hair as his hands dance down my back. I sing, the lyrics spilling from my lips as I sink against his chest.

He knows me more than most. I feel I know his heart, his spirit. I've always felt it, but this night I feel it more keenly. I want for nothing but the music and his touch. I am deliciously powerless to resist.

Just one moment, just one song, when nothing matters but skin on skin and beat through my bones. So hot, so tired, yet I must move. Too many clothes. We move as one and I shiver in the heat, as the words of the song make sense to me like some awful, cheesey movie. All that matters is him, as I clutch him and whisper under the deafening music, baring my soul.

When it is over we hold eachother, seeming as lovers, even as the crowd around us boils and writhes.
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