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Satan in mouse form

So to start with, I'd just like to say that some fscker has 'moved' a piece of equimpent that I need (ie, absolutely require) to get any results from my little tiny mouse jaws. My supervisor is pissed off, and I am pissed off. Why does this always happen to me? Although to be fair, this didn't only happen to me this time, rather it affects four or five different researchers including me. Still, the parinoid mind within me says that it is only a matter of time before someone blames me for all of my own misfortunes. Fsckers.

So, with very little to do today, I decided to help a friend of mine orally innoculate some mice with bugs (basically the thing I did to mine). However, when I did this, I used BALB/c mice - litte white, very cute, sweet, playful and friendly mice who don't put up much of a fuss about anything. Stacey's mice, however, are Black 6 mice. Black mice with evil malice in their eyes and the souls of wolverines. They skitter, they squeal, they have inmurine strength and worst of all, they bite.

Not just your ordinary little nip, they BITE. I was wearing two layers of gloves, and I was bitten through them. Once on a knuckle, once on the little piece of skin that runs along-side the nail. Bitten, with blood. Pain pain pain, ouch ouch ouch.

They can smell when you get jittery or frightened, and it only makes them more aggressive. In my panic, I accidently flicked one that tried to bite me across the room - fortunately it was okay, just a little dazed. I am not particularly jittery around animals, but these little beasts freaked me out.

I have looked into the face of Satan, and found it to be covered in brown fur, have twitching whiskers and black beady eyes....
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