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Fight with the Violin

It actually went really, really well. I was concerned that the audience wouldn't be able to cope with the sheer arty-ness and experimental nature of the violin pieces, but they all seemed to enjoy it. Every martial art performing suffered some kind of mishap, which were all potentially disasterous but ended up being rather summountable. Apparently I was especially fierce, according to the public, and was even given praise by a kendoka I don't know to another kendoka I do (but no-one is going to say anything bad about me to my brother, so go figure). I had a fantastic time and it was a grand experience. I always get the good sort of butterflies performing infront of the Consular General of Japan.

Taikoz at theConcert Hall

Fantastic! I saw them last night. Very rarely has any performance so deeply, viscerally moved me. I have always loved taiko (and shakuhachi), and these guys were not only fit, talented and skilled but they were excellent performers. Fantastic.


I set myself on FIRE last week

It's not that I forgot that methanol was flammable (and let's just admit that with a start like that, this story can't end well), but I was somewhat distracted. For all those who don't know, when doing microbiology one frequently pauses to pass the mouth and lid of what ever bottle you're working with through a flame to sterilize them. So I add vitamin K (dissolved in methanol) to my bottle, give it a swirl to mix it, remove the lid and flame the mouth of the bottle.

Which caused a half-foot long blue flame to erupt from the bottle, right at my other arm (holding the lid). Every scientist's worst fear is contaminating their experiments, so after screaming in shock, I replaced the lid on the bottle then put out the burning hairs on my arm. Fourtunately I was wearing a short sleeved lab-coat today.

Bright side is that I was only very minorly burnt, and was completely recovered by the next day. Except for the large bald patch on my arm.

Movies with CAMERON!!!

I'm going to see Pirates of the Carribean again tonight with Cameron. Because he is ace, and more people should see him and talk about him.
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