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Friday night fever

Brief shopping spree last night left me with new clothes (including a very cute, very short skirt which actually fit me) and new CDs.

Then it was off to Psychonaught.

I've heard mixed things about the club in general, and I've never been really keen on the venue, but last night basically RAWKED for me. To start, I was to only one in my little group at the time who knew where it was, which was just plain odd. After that, though, there was a whole bunch of people there who I knew and a few absolutely fantastic (if old-school) sets.

Things you missed if you were not there:

- me going OFF to "Hey girl, hey boy", by the Chemical Brothers. Seriously. People had to make room for me.
- my pelvis grindings with matcha_pocky, sleazemonkey and CAMERON.
- morgan303 in an AMAZING outfit
- cuddle time with mousebane
- goths dancing to "Doctoring the Tardis" by the Timelords

Anyway, I went home kind of early, had a shower (ickie night-club skank), and had to get up this morning. So I'm tired, a little stiff, but very happy.

And today I get to meet bog_mod in person, which will be an odd experience...
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