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100 questions

Here come the questions:
1. Full name? Rebecca Kirtsy-Hansen Orth
2. Nicknames? Beck, Becka. Family nicknames include Bucket, Button, Robin, Princess, Super-Cargo, and Pumpkin-Head
3. Eyes? Steel Blue
4. Height? about 5'10"
5. Hair? waist length and blonde
6. Siblings? Joshua, 27
7. Do you like to sing in the shower? Sometimes
8. How about the toilet? the acoustics are all wrong
9. Birthday? 2nd of June
10. Sex? girlie-girl
11. Righty or lefty? righty
12. What do you want in a relationship most? To be made to feel worthwhile, loved and attractive
13. Have you ever cheated? Define cheated...
14. Marital status? de facto
15. Do you have a car? Nope.
16. What kind of car do you have/want? ... and electric one!
17. How are you feeling right now? Very tired, a little stressed, and quite frustrated
18. Song? "Touched", VAST
19. Band/singer? Don't know, I have too many likes.
20. TV show? Probably "Casualty" or what-ever its called on ABC
21. Actor/s? John Malkovich
22. Actress/s? Judi Dench/Helana Bomham Carter
23. Food? Itallian or grek
24. Number? 27 or 273
25. Letter? J
26. Cartoon? Futurama
27. Disney character? Rikku (Kingdom Hearts)
28. Colour? Purple

---Love life---
29. Do you plan to have children? NO.
30. Do you want to get married? I'd like the security, but I'd hate the... confinement
31. How old do you want to be when you have your first child? Under 35.
32. How old do you want to be when you get married? Old enough to know better, young enouh not to care.
33. Would you have children before marriage? Marriage is not the basis for children, but I'm not going to have any.
34. Do you have a b/f or g/f (who)? Yes, Jye.
35. Do you have a crush? Several, but don't tell anyone.

26. Music or TV? Neither? Music, I guess
27. Guys or girls? Boys, with girls on the side. Garnish, if you will. ;)
28. Green or blue? Blue
29. Pink or purple? Purple
30. Summer or winter (why?)? Winter, less heat exhaustion and passing out.
31. Night or day? Night
32. Hanging out or chilling? Chilling
33. Dopey or funny? Funny.
34. Weird or strange? Strange
35. What school or university to you go to? Melbourne Uni.
36. Have you ever taken drugs? Not illegal ones.
37. What is a major turn on for you in guys or girls? Come hither look, irresistable scent, sensual voice, good nature, animal desire, poetic soul and lingering, knowing hands.

38. Funniest? Cameron
39. Happiest? Liz
40. Strangest? Alvin
41. Most caring? Roslind
42. Tallest? Joshua
43. Smartest? ... too hard a question...
44. Most mature? Alex
45. Most fun? Polly
46. Best personality? 'best' is not a word I use to characterise my friends
47. Best all round person? ditto
48. Which people do you trust? I trust all of my friends.
49. Who are you the most open with? Anyone who is game enough to ask
50. What do you think of soul mates? Bitter-sweet
51. Is it right to flirt if you have a b/f or g/f? That depends on what your partner thinks
52. What was the last thing you got teary about? My PhD
53. What is something about guys or girls you do not get? Why they don't listen to reason involving matters of the heart
54. Are you happy now? WHen am I ever happy?
55. Why/not? Guilt, mostly.
What happened to 56?
57. Love or lust? Neither can be prevented or fully controlled.
58. Silver or gold? Silver
59. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds
60. Sunset or sunrise? Sunset
61. Skinny-dipping? I fear the naked.
62. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Sometimes.
63. Do you have any piercing? Only my ears

64. What song are you listening to right now? The David Bowie track from the Underworld ST
65. What are the last four digits of your phone number? 5737
66. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon? Somewhere green and temprate
67. Whom do you want to spend the rest of your life with? My friends
68. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
If they are attractive to me or not
69. Favourite sport? Naginata (not really a sport, I know)
70. What makes you happy? Being accepted, being made to feel like I matter
71. What is the next CD you are going to get? Moxy Fruvos or Pirates of the Carribean ST
72. Who was the last person you went out with/dated? Before Jye? Micheal. Unless you count my recent date with CAMERON.
73. The best advice given to you? "This above all else - to thine own self be true"
74. Have you ever won any special awards? Yes
75. What are your future goals? Finish the fucking PhD or make up my mind and quit
76. Worst sickness you ever had? A heart murmur
77. Do you like funny or scary movies better? Funny - I can't watch scary movies
78. On the phone or in person? Person if I'm feeling up to it, but usually phone
79. Hugs or kisses? Hugs. Less getting into trouble.
80. What song seems to reflect you most? "Pretty When you Cry", VAST. Yes, I know, I'm a doomy doomy goth.
81. If you died tomorrow, to whom would you leave everything you own? Jye, I suppose, or my family
82. Do you have any enemies? Yes.
83. Rather be rich or famous? Rich
84. What time is it in Albania right now? Don't know - daylight savings has messed up my head.
85. Have you met Santa? Yes. He gave me candy.
86. The Easter Bunny? No - I'm frightened of the ears
87. Last time you spoke to a person, you like-liked? comment...
88. What is your favourite saying? "My kitten is full of cookie dough"
89. What does your email address? Um, what?
90. When was the last time you were depressed? What do you mean "the last time"?...
91. Are you an alcoholic? Nope
92. Who sent this to you? I stole it from Laura
93. What do you think of this person? She seems to have found herself at last
94. Do you want people to send this back? If they like
95. Do you want to travel overseas? Again? I suppose.
96. What did you do for your first job? Data entry
97. What was your favourite subject in junior school? Art
98. Secondary school? English
99. Favourite sensation? Feelign loved
100. Why did you do this quiz? Procrastination! Wooo!
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