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holy days

Every year I tell myself the same thing. "It'll be different this time, I'll really put the effort in, I'll truly celebrate the four seasonal changes!" But it never happens. It always gets down-graded to two, and before you know it only one is left, and then I have to do some shit with my atheist family on the one day I was "resolved" to do something.

How much of a joke am I?

Every year, every time I want to do something, something always comes up. Lurching its way into my view, obscuring my hopes. It's all just too hard.

I bought a pumkin this year. I havn't had a pumpkin for over a decade. I can only remember two pumpkins I've ever had. Occasionally I'd try to use a rock-melon to make a Jack-o-lope, but it was never the same. I was really, truly excited about it. But now I'm left feeling... sad and tired.

What's in the way this year? Huge amounts of uni work, commitments with the Kenshikan, other plans, and just being too plain pissed off with evrything. I don't have the energy to go out and party. I don't have the patience to justify myself.
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