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Last night had good bits and bad bits. vorex, bog_mod, Jye, Liz and myself went out to the movies which was nice. I introduced Liz to DDR, which was even better (yay!). It was nice to catch up.

But we saw "Kill Bill". This was not a high point.

I've come to expect inovative things from Tarrintino, edgey, thoughtful things. But I have this thing about senseless violence. Graphically, skin crawling real violence. If they had just kept to the wacky violence (which there was a rather large amount of), I would have been fine with it. But they didn't. And I wasn't.

I've never been tempted to walk out of a movie before. Not because of the shock value, but because so much of the film seemed just plain unecessary. It had an interesting plot. But the execution of the plot (pardon the pun) was not very well done.

I look at Desperado and I look at Pulp Fiction and I think to myself, "Quentin, are you in league with the Wachalski brothers or something? Because I know you could have done better".

Needless to say, I won't be seeing "Part 2".

In other news, Geoff wants to meet people, and I want to see people. Any of you folks wanna meet up for drinks/coffee this evening?
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